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Carl Ratliff, Sr

My Father inspires me to be the best version of myself because HE NEVER GIVES UP!! My Father has shown me through his actions, that I cannot give up when the going gets tough. He has at one point worked three jobs to provide for his family with not one complaint. He pastored two churches for 8 years (one in Hot Springs, AR and one in Little Rock, AR all while working a full time job, being a Father and husband and again, with not one complaint.

I have witnessed him PUSH through extreme pain, exhaustion, grief, being misunderstood, used, talked about and lied on. However, he NEVER GAVE UP!!! My father continues to show me how to persevere even under the most intense pressure. There are days when I don’t think I can take another step but I think of my Father and I’m inspired to keep pushing!

-Submitted by Charraun Sharlow, from Alexander, AR


My father taught me a very hard lesson that transformed me into the man I am today. He’s has never financially supported my dreams as an entrepreneur and I never understood why. He told me casually sitting on the porch one day. If I did that you would have never experienced true trials and tribulations you needed to bring you to the moment you’re in at this particular moment.

-Submitted by Marcus Walker from Tucker, AR

Mark Walker


Tremmel Billings

Tremell is the best father. He finds pleasure in homeschooling his 9 year old daughter and spending countless hours guiding his 19 month old son. As a vegan father and chef, he prepares each meal with thoughtful intent. Seeing him teach our children about health and wellness will forever be a cemented memory for our family . I would like to nominate Tremell to be spotlighted because day in and day out he puts his best foot forward, choosing to be the best father any kid could have.

-Submitted by Trisha Snyder from Little Rock, AR

Quintin Trotter

I was never blessed with a father, however, seeing Q Trotter wake up every day and pour not only into our family raising a beautiful and intelligent black son, but go to serve our city and keep our streets and youth safe on a daily basis. Quintin is my HERO every single day!

-Submitted by Tiff Baker from Texarkana, TX


Tylor Brown


Our baby girl is 5 months old & my favorite memory with them would be when she first was born. He was the first to hold her.

-Submitted by Aaniya Brown

Sam Young

Prom when He woke up sweating trying to help me get ready. He help me learn how to tie a tie All of it He did it sitting down had to do it standing up

-Submitted by Jacobie Amos

Roller skating one of the best skaters i know.

-Submitted by Sara Young

20230616_130422 (1).jpg

Eric Amos

Camping and Fishing
Father and Son Playing

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