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How It All Started...

An event that started as a small idea, Minding My Black Owned Business, INC (MMBOB) blossomed as our efforts to creatively launch Southern Pasta Twist took off. After receiving overwhelming support to keep up the concept, MMBOB Inc. was established.

MMBOB is a non-profit organization created to connect black owned businesses to their local communities, amplify resources, & supply them with a platform. 

Similarly, reconstructing Black Wall Street in order to revive what we once had is our primary goal. 


Executive Summary

We are Minding My Black Owned Business, Inc. a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the racial gap in opportunities. Research consistently shows that communities of color face steep barriers to economic security and mobility linked to race and these barriers persist, generation to generation. We aim to partner with existing organizations, researchers, advocates, public officials, and business leaders to promote meaningful solutions to this. The annual Minding My Black Owned Business Vendor Expo is one  example of how we execute this, by providing a safe space and creating a platform for local black owned businesses and entrepreneurs to connect and engage with their own community. 


We create change that empowers and marginalized communities, providing them with the tools and skills to transform their reality.


In order to build and sustain thriving communities, nonprofits are essential. They promote civic engagement and leadership, stimulate economic development, and bolster the social cohesion of our neighborhoods.  We must support and uplift both sides of the bridges. In order to provide resources to the community and  increase and circulate the black dollar. We have to create a stronger community to build a stronger business. Through various events throughout the year focusing on outreach and local business, Black Wall Street will be rebuilt.


We offer a platform where local black owned businesses are able to advertise, connect, and engage with other black owned businesses, entrepreneurs, and patrons. We provide a pathway to transfer the mental health crisis within the minority community.Minding my Black Owned business engages with our youth in order to develop and prepare them for a unified future.


It is the mission of Minding My Black Owned Business, Inc. to bridge the gap between our community and business owners. Bringing value through our three core initiatives: economic development, mental health and youth engagement. We want to be the catalyst to those with limited resources and guidance, showing others that no matter your background you can create the change you want to see.

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