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Join us for an extraordinary FREE community event, showcasing 50+ Black-owned businesses in Central Arkansas! From food trucks to pop-up shops, face painting, and more, our summer 2024 expo celebrates upcoming and established businesses.

The 2023 expo gained media attention from two major news stations, featuring interviews with MMBOB and vendors. In 2024, expect even more excitement, growth, and community engagement. Last year's expo hosted 70+ vendors and 200+ guests, unveiling our online vendor directory with over 70 businesses listed—set to double by 2025! Don't miss this enriching experience as we continue to uplift and spotlight Black excellence in our community.

Shining a light on Black owned businesses in Arkansas

Shining a light on Black owned businesses in Arkansas

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Past Vendor Spotlights

Explore the vibrant tapestry of our past Vendor Spotlights! Featuring captivating logos, owner portraits, and stunning glimpses of products/services, these spotlights encapsulate the essence of Black-owned businesses.


As we gear up for 2024 and beyond, anticipate an even more visually stunning and impactful showcase of our talented vendors. Get ready to be inspired and excited about the incredible stories and offerings our community has to offer!






What is MMBOB Expo?

An event highlighting black owned businesses in Little Rock, AR and surrounding areas. 


When can I register for the 2024 MMBOB Expo?

 You can register now! Click here. 

I don't sell merchandise, I offer services. Can I still be a part of the MMBOB Expo?


How long is this event?

Not including set-up, this event typically lasts 6 hours.

When do we arrive for set up?

5 hour prior to the start of event. 

When is the next MMBOB Expo?

June 23, 2024 at the Brandon House in Little Rock, AR

Why should I be apart of this event?

If you want to network with other black owned businesses and community leaders, this is the event for you. Everything is about exposure and making your mark- what better way than through the community?

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