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In the CommUNITY

In order to build and sustain thriving communities, nonprofits are essential. They promote civic engagement and leadership, stimulate economic development, and bolster the social cohesion of our neighborhoods.


MMBOB strives to make an impact on the communities we serve. Through donations, community service events, and fundraising efforts, we are able to help give back to those in need while also building up the unity in community.


What Have We Accomplished?

On March 31, 2023 tornados ripped through Central and Northeast Arkansas, affecting several communities in a span of just a few hours.

MMBOB rose to the occasion and immediately began seeking supplies to donate to those in need. We collected over 200 toiletries, clothing, water, food, baby essentials and more in just under 48 hours.

We would like to thank each and EVERY person that donated, shared our posts and flyers, volunteered and supported us. To check out our next community involvement and/or events, visit our calendar.

Treat Before The Trunk

Treat Before the Trunk was an extraordinary day of unity and resilience. We know that a few months is not enough time for a community to recover from a natural disaster. October 2023, we decided to shine a light on the Amboy District community by partnering with local businesses and entrepreneurs to give back. Thus, Treat Before the Trunk was born! 


With your contributions, we were able to make a meaningful impact on our community. Here are some highlights:

  • We served over 85 individuals, providing them with over 200 hamburgers, hotdogs, and candy. It was a heartwarming day filled with smiles and full bellies.

  • Our clothing drive was an overwhelming success! Thanks to your support, we collected a total of 5 overflowing bins of winter clothing. These donations will make a significant difference in the lives of those in need, with the potential to impact over 200 individuals.

  • We gave away more than 25 masks, bags and Halloween costumes.

  • Raised over $500 for Treat Before the Trunk!

The spirit of giving and togetherness was truly remarkable. 

If you are interested in donating or volunteering with MMBOB:


Contact Person:
Adama Chisley,
Community Outreach & Finance Director

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