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Celebrating 'Ella the Banker Day': Inspiring Financial Literacy in Little Rock

Welcome to a day of celebration and inspiration! On this special occasion, Minding My Black Owned Business (MMBOB) is thrilled to spotlight the remarkable contributions of Shamim Okolloh and her son Liam in the creation of "Ella the Banker." Today, Little Rock's Mayor Frank Scott, Jr. and the city itself commemorate January 9th, 2024 as 'Ella the Banker Day'—a testament to the profound impact this children's book has had in our community.

The Story Behind 'Ella the Banker'

Shamim Okolloh, a dedicated banker based in Little Rock, alongside her son Liam, crafted an enchanting tale that introduces young readers to the world of banking. Inspired by Ella, a character driven by her aspirations and a desire to follow in her mother's footsteps, 'Ella the Banker' is more than just a children's book—it's a beacon of encouragement for young minds to explore the realms of financial literacy and banking careers.

The story of 'Ella the Banker' resonates deeply within our community, particularly in its mission to promote financial literacy, especially among underrepresented communities. Through Ella's journey, Shamim and Liam encourage readers to embrace learning about finance while also fostering aspirations towards careers in banking.

Shamim Okolloh and Liam: Creators & Inspirations

Shamim, born and raised in Kenya and a graduate of Spelman College and The Clinton School of Public Service, transitioned from the nonprofit sector to banking. Her dedication to serving unbanked and underbanked families reflects her commitment to upward economic mobility. Liam, an avid reader since a young age, co-authored his first book at the age of eleven, bringing his dream to life and inspiring young minds through 'Ella the Banker.'

Join the Celebration and Support 'Ella the Banker'

Today, we invite you to celebrate 'Ella the Banker Day' by embracing the values of financial literacy and career aspirations instilled in this wonderful children's book. Join the movement towards educating and empowering our youth by exploring 'Ella the Banker' on Amazon and sharing this inspiring story with the next generation.

At MMBOB, we are committed to highlighting stories of empowerment and achievement within our community. 'Ella the Banker' stands as a shining example of the impact that representation and inspiration can have on young minds.

Let's celebrate 'Ella the Banker Day' together and continue championing financial literacy and aspirations in our communities!

Visit, for more information about the book and authors.

Stay inspired,

A'Ja Rolfe

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